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Asset Appraisals and Valuations

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Ontario Appraisal Services

Appraisals & Valuations

The appraisals' process is an important step in evaluating any assets for auction. In most cases, our Ontario Appraisal Service commences with Global Assets Solutions Inc. ' personnel visiting the location of the prospective seller-client's assets, equipment, machinery, furnishings, antiques, etc. These appraisals tend to be directed towards estates and/or entire plants and equipment spreads available because of a bankruptcy, foreclosure, divestiture, abandonment or relocation process. Appraisals of individual or smaller groupings of equipment are usually performed for inclusion in a larger auction.

Each item appraised is described in a standard format as prescribed by Global Assets Solutions Inc. The equipment description includes information such as year of manufacture, manufacturer, model, serial number, attachments and condition, including an estimate to refurbish if required for resale. Photographs are taken of as many of the items as practical. Global Assets Solutions Inc. appraisers then assign values to each item of equipment. Upon completion of this initial process, the appraisal and management team consult to arrive at a final valuation.

In addition, Global Assets Solutions Inc. consults with financial institutions, public and privately held corporations and creditor groups to provide valuations on both a fee for service basis, and as the basis of tailor-made proposals for prospective seller-clients. Fee appraisals have been conducted based on auction value, orderly liquidation value, fair market value-installed and fair market value-removed. Global Assets Solutions Inc. has also consulted an expert witness in judicial proceedings relating to the valuation of assets.

Appraisal & Consulting Services

Global Assets Solutions Inc. staff have provided professional and confidential appraisal and consulting services to satisfied clients across North America for over 18 years.

Thorough knowledge of equipment and other physical assets ensures accurate, up-to-date market evaluations as well as qualified advice in determining useful life or cost to materially increase the value of equipment. Pioneering efficient inventory and appraisal procedures have promoted the company's reputation for quality and service.

Management support services have been provided to many clients. Working with banks, receivers, lawyers and private companies, a variety of consulting services has been provided including equipment appraisals, litigation support services, wind up and shut down services both in Canada and the United States, recovery and protection of fixed assets.


The validity of an appraisal is dependent on the quality of research performed by the appraisal firm. Global Assets Solutions Inc. appraisal reports are particularly valuable because of four things which characterize our approach:

  1. No single equation or formula is adequate to measure the individual qualities of equipment. Each situation is approached with an appreciation for its uniqueness, to be judged on its own merits.
  2. The process of appraisal relies heavily on individual judgment. Global Assets Solutions Inc. is committed to all the concrete facts available to make that judgment as precise as possible. Supporting data is gathered, details are checked and verified, and then all the facts are weighted to provide supportable appraisals.
  3. The commitment to excellence sets Global Assets Solutions Inc. apart from the ordinary. The factors that make one appraisal better or more accurate then another include the research and documentation upon which the appraiser exercises his judgment, his experience in weighing the facts, and his devotion to accurate details.
  4. As graduate of the Certified Personal Property Appraisers Guild of Canada, (CPPAG) , and graduate of the Institute of Canadian Certified Auctioneers (ICCA) , Global Assets Solutions Inc. appraisal assignments are completed in accordance with the Society's Principles of Appraisal Practice.

Global Assets Solutions Inc. team has provided services to a variety of industries and clients. References are available to contact should you wish to consider engaging Global Assets Solutions Inc. for an assignment.

All queries can be directed to Michel “HOSS” Bertrand: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it